Program Innovation

Welcome to Program Innovation, a higher education experience designed to facilitate groups and institutions through the idea development process by systematically tackling a challenge relevant to you.

Career-focused individuals will learn the same innovation processes I’ve taught and facilitated at Dartmouth, UW-Madison and other successful Fortune 500 organizations.  Generate and develop new ideas that can save money and resources through this value-focused program. See a return on investment via new programs, products, marketing and skills.

Featured Program: Innovation Thinking: Create, Collaborate, & Innovate
In this fast paced, interactive, and engaging keynote program, you will get to experience simple innovation activities and skills firsthand. We will collaborate to demystify innovation so that you can be ignited, take action, and make a deeper impact.

Special Event: “Hackathon” style team rapid concept development challenge

Relevant Topics:

Responding to Change Through Innovation
Innovation Skills: From Vision to Processes
Your Innovation Challenge: Deconstruct & Reconstruct
Potential: From Question to Idea
Rapid Systematic Idea Generation
Endless Sources of Ideas
Building Concepts From Your Best Ideas
Developing a Portfolio of Innovative Concepts
Validating with Meaningful Criteria
Take Action to Launch by Engaging, Communicating, & Advancing

Program Innovation: Complete Course
Innovation Thinking: Create, Collaborate, Communicate, & Innovate

How to Communicate to Innovate
The Jam Session: Facilitated Rapid Networking & Connection-Making
How to use Free Social Media Tools & Web Apps to Market, Communicate & Innovate
Developing Innovation Through Collaboration, Creativity, & Communication
Ideas that Rain: Idea Generation Tools for Individuals & Groups
Before the Storm: Planning Your Idea Generation Process
After the Storm: Idea Analysis, Synthesis, & Concept Development
Communication & Action of Ideas & Concepts
Creativity: Structure & Strategy for Brainstorming
Creativity: Techniques & Tools for Brainstorming
Creativity: Facilitating Brainstorming for Groups
The Role of Brainstorming in Sustaining a Culture of Innovation

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Email me at [email protected] for more information on customizing or building a live program to suit your needs. These programs can be done live at your event, on your website, or even live online. I look forward to working with you!

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