Create Your Path

Create Your Path: Reflecting & Strategizing for Professional Growth is a menu of live interactive workshops and speeches designed to help people create their own path to a successful life and career, integrating the academic, professional, and personal together.

Originally created as a “Flip The Classroom” program for Dartmouth College, Create Your Path teaches skills and methods focused on to helping students create unique path that integrates the academic, professional, and personal together. This program can be used as-is, or a custom program can be built for your group or institution.

Featured Program: The Innovation Destination: Innovate Yourself
Innovate yourself and what you are doing in your life and work!  A variety of engaging activities will be facilitated to get you connecting & creating with each other and catalyze yourself to a new level of motivation, innovation, and learning!

Relevant Topics:

Discover, Integrate, & Focus: Finding Your Key Experience & Resources
The Hero’s Journey: Creating Your Personal Innovation Story
Unlocking Your Strengths & Interests
Artifacts: Integrating Your Strengths, Interests, & Values
Envisioning The Future: Knowing Your Challenge
Generating Ideas For Your Life & Future
Building Something Useful From Your Ideas
Select, Communicate, & Launch: Taking Action On Your Innovations

The Innovation Destination: Innovate Yourself
Create Your Path: For Higher Education

Create Your Path: For High School
Reflection and Strategy Activities for Personal Innovation Journey
Leadership Workshop Theme: Self Discovery & Experience
Coaching Workshop Description: Planning for Success

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Email me at [email protected] for more information on customizing or building a live program to suit your needs. These programs can be done live at your event, on your website, or even live online. I look forward to working with you!

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