Coaching Workshop Description: Planning for Success


Planning for Success

After you start to discover yourself, think strategically about who you would like to become. Create a vision with goals and an action plan to realize life success. Activities include:
a. Life Spheres. Understand the balance of your life as a whole and identify those areas that you want to dedicate greater attention towards.
b. Society & You. Think about what is important to you and what is important to society (including our family, organization, and community) and what you have in common.
c. Vision. Create a vision for what a tremendous experience could be like you so you can start to realize it.
d. Goals. Get strategic identifying systematic goals to begin to realize your vision for a peak experience.
e. Action Plans. Create an action plan to achieve your goals and take the first steps that will matter most.
f. Integrating vision, goals, action. See the big picture of your success system and make your strategy and process known.

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