Innovation Keynote Speaker for Conferences

Innovation Thinking: How Innovators Grow, Develop & Communicate New Ideas

Darin Eich, Ph.D. presenting his keynote speech at the University of Wisconsin.

This interactive keynote speech is designed for conferences and events. It can be customized for a kick-off or closing. Darin’s background is in higher education, but this keynote speech is applicable to non-university audiences as well.

  • Hear stories about the best techniques for developing ideas used by most innovative groups.
  • See visual metaphors, processes, systems, tools, and techniques to swiftly move from a challenge to ready-to-launch concepts.
  • Learn key research-based leadership skills for innovation and how to put them to use in your life and work.
  • Gain motivation through innovation by addressing emerging problems and opportunities with applied creativity and collaboration.
  • Practice the best techniques for communicating your ideas, making people understand, buy in, and co-create with you.

Thinking about an interactive keynote speaker for your conference? Email [email protected] with information about your event, questions, or for access to preview this keynote speech.

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