Developing Innovation through Collaboration, Creativity, & Communication Workshop Program

The Three C’s of Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication can help you to develop new innovations that can contribute to doing meaningful new things, improving processes for problem-solving, and having greater success in your work. You will meet new people and work with others to systematically generate and develop new ideas for the challenge of your choosing. Be guided step-by-step and activity-by-activity through an innovation process to develop and take action on new ideas for your real project. Learn the fundamental “best practice” activities for innovating and leave the workshop with more advanced innovation skills and a portfolio of new developed ideas.

By learning and using innovation tools and activities to create, collaborate, and communicate you will get important work done at this workshop away from the routine of your office. You will innovate how you work and create new innovations to take action on what is needed and wanted. New ideas that can make a difference in your work and life are motivating and engaging for you and your colleagues. Here are some key learning outcomes and actions we will take at the workshop:

+ Generate a wide range of relevant, new and different ideas based on your challenge or opportunity through creative thinking tools.
+ Analyze, synthesize, and develop the best ideas into a portfolio of concepts to act upon based on a best practice development system.

+ Develop relationships quickly with fellow innovators to collaborate in groups with at the workshop and beyond.
+ Connect one-on-one with fellow innovators through guided activities designed to help you gain new insight and validation of your concepts.

+ Learn a simple and effective idea presentation format used by innovative organizations that will allow you to showcase your new concepts.
+ Practice communicating your best concepts in ways that are engaging and memorable using involvement, story, visuals, and metaphors.

Program Innovation is a topic area where the workshops help people to innovate by doing it. Workshops are designed to facilitate groups and institutions through the idea development process by systematically tackling a challenge relevant to you. This is a relevant topic area for organizations and groups within institutions. It is designed to help people improve how they work and have a high-impact.

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