The Jam Session: Facilitated Rapid Networking & Connection-Making

Speed Networking Workshop

Learn to communicate and network better by being guided through doing it. In this speed networking inspired event, you will be facilitated through quick, one-on-one conversations that could lead to new solutions, knowledge, resources, and collaborations. Share a new innovation you are fostering or a challenge you are working on, and get insight from fellow participants. This is an innovative, interactive approach to networking, designed to focus conversations and catalyze relationships.

Have you ever been to a bad networking session? Maybe there was no structure, it was a free-for-all at the beginning of a conference. Maybe it was a disguised as a happy hour at a bar. Maybe you didn’t get the chance to talk to anyone, or worse yet got stuck talking to someone for way too long. Maybe you just talked about the weather and didn’t get to talk about your idea or what you needed or provide any insight or assistance to anybody. This workshop will be nothing like the bad networking sessions you’ve done in the past.

Elevator Speech Workshop

I’ve been working on innovating the networking session. It is now more like a facilitated workshop. It is part thinking about important questions, part working on your “elevator speech,” part group introduction, and part one-on-one or one-on-two speed networking. In this jam session people leave with a more comfortable and activity filled experience. They get to share with the whole group, hear from everyone, and go deeper one on one with many new people. They actually get to connect and converse!

How to Network Workshop

This session can stand on it’s own to kick off a conference or be a part of any other workshop when helping participants to connect with each other is highly valued. This is an innovative, highly engaging, interactive approach to networking. This is connection-making learning, where you will make connections, get ideas for your own projects, and offer ideas to others that can help them make progress on their own initiative.

Program Innovation is a topic area where the workshops help people to innovate by doing it. Workshops are designed to facilitate groups and institutions through the idea development process by systematically tackling a challenge relevant to you. This is a relevant topic area for organizations and groups within institutions. It is designed to help people improve how they work and have a high-impact.

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