How to use Free Social Media Tools & Web Apps to Market, Communicate & Innovate

Look around on this website. This is a blog that was easy to set up using free software that I installed with one-click. You will see buttons to connect on Facebook, Tweet this page, and even sign-up to download a self-innovation guide and be a deeper user of this site.
In this program designed for non-tech people I will showcase how I integrate, use and help people get started with simple, free, & important online tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Analytics, WordPress Blogs, Widgets, Bitly, SurveyMonkey, Skitch, MailChimp, SEO optimization, E-newsletters, Google keyword tool, smartphones, mobile apps, YouTube, etc. During this workshop I will help you to do what I’ve done…the most important time & cost effective strategies to connect, communicate, and create online. We will show you how to simply make new content, connections, and communications. You can build along and ask questions to learn how to do some of these important and fundamental things online.

Program Innovation is a topic area where the workshops help people to innovate by doing it. Workshops are designed to facilitate groups and institutions through the idea development process by systematically tackling a challenge relevant to you. This is a relevant topic area for organizations and groups within institutions. It is designed to help people improve how they work and have a high-impact.

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