How to Communicate to Innovate: Networking to Individuals, Presenting to Groups, and Online to the World

Here is a new workshop zeroing in on what is important to managers, leaders, and change agents: Saving time, being clear & memorable, gaining buy-in, and reducing chance of failure by communicating for innovation.

How to Communicate to Innovate: Networking to Individuals, Presenting to Groups, and Online to the World

+ Gain tools and techniques to help you be successful communicating in different important settings. Join our interactive peer focused lab to work on communicating your challenge, gathering ideas for innovative solutions, and collaborate with others so you may more smoothly get buy in and implement new ideas with others.

+ Practice communicating who you are, what you are working on, and a challenge you could use insight on. Gain helpful feedback to improve your efforts quickly. Test it out in our workshop.

+ Learn simple techniques that will allow you to communicate in ways that are engaging and memorable using involvement, story, visuals, and metaphors.

+ Develop individual professional relationships and a group of peer leaders that you can give and receive with on an ongoing basis to help you innovate in your work projects.

+ Save time and energy by learning how to communicate quickly and succinctly. We will help you craft your elevator speech and write “tweet-size” so you can free up time.

This is an innovative, highly engaging, interactive approach to communicating as a manager. This is connection-making learning, where you will make connections, get ideas for your own projects, and offer ideas to others that can help them make progress on their own initiative. Below is a large group presentation the workshop leader, Darin, has done that will give you an idea of some of the skills we will teach and do interactive activities with. View the a visual online sample webinar version to see this content in a different way.

Program Innovation is a topic area where the workshops help people to innovate by doing it. Workshops are designed to facilitate groups and institutions through the idea development process by systematically tackling a challenge relevant to you. This is a relevant topic area for organizations and groups within institutions. It is designed to help people improve how they work and have a high-impact.

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