No Time for Creative and Strategic Thinking

Every few years a study comes out that really validates what you do and why you do it. The study identifies an opportunity or a big problem that needs a big solution that you are able to provide. A few years ago the study that grabbed me was from the American Management Association. It found the top 4 skills people needed to develop: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration, & Creativity/Innovation. These are the skills I design my programs to develop. It really justified what I focused on and built.

This past week I read an article in the New York Times on “Why you hate work.” It was from one of my favorite authors, Tony Schwartz. A study was done of 12,115 white collar workers where they asked them if they have in their work the elements of a fulfilling workplace. The fulfilling element that was most lacking was “regular time for creative or strategic thinking.” This is the big problem I work to solve. I provide products, services, and programs that organizations can use to help employees do creative or strategic thinking in their work, and develop innovations as a result.
Time for Creative and Strategic Thinking at WorkI’m still shocked that only 18% say they have regular time for creative or strategic thinking at work. This was the lowest of the 14 fulfilling workplace elements measured by the survey. I want to do something about this. I’m curious, what does your organization do to provide time for creative or strategic thinking? Is there a new initiative or program in the works?

Be on the lookout for studies that provide evidence and validation to why you do what you do…a big problem that you can solve. Share the results with others to help them understand why you do the work you do and why your solution or innovation matters.

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