Text to Speech Tool: Have your computer read to you

I’m working on a little something new now that the innovation book launch is behind me. I’d like to show my top productivity/innovation tools in a series of 4 minute videos. I thought of this tool yesterday when I had a long article I couldn’t quite motivate myself to read…here is the tool. It is Sesame Street simple. Have your computer READ those long articles to you with “text to speech.”

In this video, I walk you through how to set up the tool and use it on your computer. There are also text to speech apps for your various devices. In this instance I’m using my Macbook.

Text to Speech Tool

How to use the “text to speech” tool on your computer:

– Use it to listen to articles instead of gluing your eyes to one thing on your screen.
– Use it to hear how your writing sounds and check for edits.
– Use it to get into action on a long (and intimidating) article you need to read.
– Use it to learn and become more educated by reading articles you normally wouldn’t have the time (or mental energy) to read.
– Use it to make time in the kitchen or doing household tasks more interesting (since you can listen to articles in the background).
– Use it if you have a hard time seeing the text with your eyes (hear it instead).

Have you given the text to speech tool a try? What do you think?
What other innovative tools help with your productivity? Leave a comment to let us know!

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