New Guide Released for Programs: Innovation Step-by-Step

Innovation Step-by-StepAfter teaching and refining my innovation system for years, I am happy to release the pdf version of my new book: Innovation Step-by-Step: How to Systematically Create & Develop Ideas for Any Challenge.

Innovation is a high value process. People are constantly being asked to innovate, and companies love declaring how much their organizations value innovation. But do the people in the organizations really understand the steps necessary to develop real innovation that has a fighting chance at being successful?

If you find yourself in a situation looking to innovate, this book can help you do just that. You will learn the steps of a widely-applicable innovation system, you will learn the key activities to make your innovation vision a reality, and you will get to look over my shoulder as I do my own innovation project.

My project was developing a resource that would help people learn innovation, and the result was this book! After learning about each step, you can do the same activities I did, using my examples to build your own portfolio of innovative concepts. You too can communicate and launch innovations!

Check out the program!

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