It’s Grow Time!

It's Grow Time

It’s spring… grow time. The birds are returning to Madison, Wisconsin. The snow is melting, and I have added about 5 new hobbies this past week. They include:

  • Using eBay to identify the best value in Greek coins.
  • Bidding, winning, and collecting dug up ancient Greek coins.
  • Researching how to clean ancient Greek coins.
  • Cleaning dug up ancient Greek coins.
  • Building an electrolysis set out of an old cell phone charger (to clean ancient Greek coins).

I’ve also begun another totally different hobby: building apps. I was struck with this idea, learned how to use a software, and have built 6 android apps so far, available in the Google Play store. Making the apps available for Apple devices will be next if this gets traction.

Spring is grow time. I think it is a great time to take advantage of growing, creating, developing, or making something new. This could be a new hobby (like ancient Greek coins) or a new skill (app development) that could become a focused career direction, or new products and services that you can offer (digital innovation & leadership learning apps).

Ancient Greek CoinsI would like to go down this spring growth journey with you! I have three programs that are designed to guide and help you grow something step-by-step. Create your Path, is personal in focus to help you design your life and career. Entrepreneur Innovation helps you to develop new products or services. Program Innovation helps organizations grow and change.

You could create anything… a new product, service, or a new career focus. If you make this your project, I think you would be surprised with what you can grow. Instead of Spring Cleaning, do some Spring Growing.

My Spring starts with a visit to Dartmouth College for a week of speaking events, then to South Florida, and then back in the saddle of Madison, WI to enjoy this season! Let me know what you will be growing!

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