Visualize Your Innovative Future

Innovation inspires motivation!

Innovation is a motivator to take action. �We love to come up with that new idea.  We love to figure out how to do something better, or solve a problem.  We love to take these opportunities and make something positive happen.

So, what is your reason to innovate?  What kind of future do you want to realize? What’s your innovation vision? In this activity, you will visualize a very positive image of your future. This will help you think about your “innovation for what.”

Think about an innovation challenge you want to work on.  Hopefully you’ve already done a little bit of research and thought about the problems and opportunities that were presented by this challenge. Get this challenge in your mind.

Dream it and see it in your mind.

Now…pretend it is one year from now. Imagine you successfully innovated in response to this challenge.  You spent the time to develop some ideas, turn them into concepts and launch them.  What was the result of all that work? What does your mind see?

Thought BubbleWhat happened?  What does the future look like now?  What is your work like?  What is your group like?  What is your organization like?

In what areas have things become better or different?

Pretend we are meeting one year from now.  Visualize yourself reporting on how excellent the last year has been.  What is your innovation vision, and what is the result you imagine?  Write your vision down.  Think of it like a YouTube highlight video.  What would be in that video?  Capture the thoughts your mind is giving you. This is your vision of an innovation future.

Share your innovation vision.

Now that you have an innovation vision, share it with your colleagues.  Get them on board.  Have conversations with other people to get their suggestions and opinions.  It is important to involve other people, including your stakeholders, colleagues, and students.

Use this opportunity to start the innovation program to develop ideas to realize this future vision!

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