Learning How to Learn

To innovate yourself, learning how to learn becomes critical. As we get entrenched in the routine of our life we have fewer powerful opportunities to learn how to learn, unlike children who are constantly learning completely new things. We also become more resistant to trying new things because we are afraid to do them badly which is a requirement of learning and doing something completely new. I have found some of the most impacting experiences for learning how to learn involve doing completely new and different physical activities. For instance, I play volleyball, table tennis, and badminton. Trying another sport I have never played that involves a ball and a net won’t be a stretch or too significant of a learning opportunity for me. However, trying something completely different like ice skating or kayaking would be. The environment is completely different, you are on ice or water! The movements your body makes to propel you are also completely different. I took up both ice skating and kayaking recently in my life. In addition to some new hobbies, I learned a lot about how to learn. I learned how to start something completely different and how to do it successfully. I learned to accept doing it badly at first. I learned to observe others to see how they do it. I learned to ask for advice. I learned to try new ways of doing it to see what works for me. I learned to break the movements down into parts. I learned to reflect on the process. I learned to learn how to do it. If you can do these things you will always be successful in your career in this rapidly changing world where learning new things is required at an accelerating rate.

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