Learning to Innovate Yourself from Rocky

You want to see a good movie about Innovating Yourself?  Go see Rocky Balboa.  Rocky stirs very old memories for me of going into the basement with my Dad and punching the pillow after seeing Rocky II.  It also reminds me of Rocky IV and seeing that in Rochester with my family and leaving the theatre so pumped up.  I also remember listening to the Rocky soundtrack with my friend Rob when we would lift weights in college.  I had a similar feeling from Rocky Balboa, the 6th Rocky movie.  It motivated me.  It motivated and reminded me about some of the basics to innovating yourself.  That is to work hard, realize some minor blows are part of the process, and to not quit no matter how hard the punches we may take hurt, to move forward in the direction that we need to move.  Taking punches is a part of boxing and innovating our life.  What is your boxing career that has it’s fair share of punches?  In which direction do you need to move?  With what in your life do you need to go the distance with?  Rocky was a self innovator because he assessed himself for improvement, had a strategy and system, and then built some “hurtin bombs” and went into training.  He stuck with his trademarks and what made him successful in the ring, and claimed his own innovation success.  I picked up the soundtrack and a little something that triggers good memories and is a constant reminder in my living room to innovate myself and go the distance.  Plus, it is fun to bop around.

Self Innovation from Rocky

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