Innovative Knowledge Acquisition from Web Videos

As you know from my last entry I like short snippets of the best research grounded knowledge. I want to know what is in the best books and how to apply it within 30 minutes. I value an interdisciplinary approach and multiple perspectives that I can integrate into my own practice as an innovator, leader, and person. Learning is key. Gaining knowledge is key. Reading the latest stuff is also key. In addition to getting a hold of “articles that became the book” I love to watch videos. I’ve found that the short 3 minute long YouTube videos may not cut it and videos that last over an hour don’t cut it either for a rich learning and knowledge gaining experience. Give it to me in 30 minutes to engage me and give me the richness of it. I really love websites that feature videos of the best authors, researchers, teachers, and speakers presenting their 300 page books in 30 minutes. They get to the essence, present the theory, tell the most important stories, and share why it matters in a manageable amount of time. I’ve come across some great websites thanks in part to other lead users of the intersection of technology and learning. I’ll be highlighting some of these finds in the next postings. To give you a couple quick ones, try searching on YouTube or Google Videos for some of the breakthrough books or authors. You may find them doing a talk. To innovate yourself think about some times in your day when you can let a 30 minute video roll and acquire that knowledge. Breakfast in front of the computer? Lunch? A moment when you need some motivation? End the day with some learning? There are a lot of opportunities. I see this as the evolution or innovation of listening to audio tapes while driving. Now you instantly can access some of the best knowledge in 30 minutes wherever you have a computer and broadband internet access.

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