Innovation Workshop Description: Before the Storm: How to purposefully and strategically plan your idea generation process

Before the Storm: How to purposefully and strategically plan your idea generation process + Identify problems-opportunities-questions and a system for innovation. + Gain a simple and systematic process for forming questions to generate ideas and develop concepts. + Identify opportunities … Continue reading

Leadership Educator & Teacher Professional Development: Developing Quality Student Leadership Programs: Research-Based Practices

What makes an effective student leadership program? Find out what the research says! Student leadership programs are proliferating at colleges and universities. Some are campus-wide; some are specific to departments like residence life and student affairs. Large or small, for … Continue reading

Leadership Educator Workshop Training: Student Leadership Retreats: Research-Based Best Practices

Darin Eich, Ph.D., who first identified the attributes of successful student leadership programs in his Ph.D. research, and now helps campuses develop their leadership programs, had specific recommendations for those who are looking for ways to improve their retreats. He … Continue reading

Strategy Workshop Description: Developing & Innovating

Learn and use tools to continually innovate yourself and think strategically about both your past and future and how you would like to continue to develop. a. Brainstorming. Use the innovation tool of brainstorming to generate ideas for an important … Continue reading

Coaching Workshop Description: Planning for Success

  Planning for Success After you start to discover yourself, think strategically about who you would like to become. Create a vision with goals and an action plan to realize life success. Activities include: a. Life Spheres. Understand the balance … Continue reading

Leadership Workshop Theme: Self Discovery & Experience

Seek out new experiences and define the experiences in your life that have been most meaningful to you. Learn what your experiences have taught you about your values, strengths, and interests and what you want to do in life. Activities … Continue reading