Leadership Educator & Teacher Professional Development: Developing Quality Student Leadership Programs: Research-Based Practices

What makes an effective student leadership program? Find out what the research says!
Student leadership programs are proliferating at colleges and universities. Some are campus-wide; some are specific to departments like residence life and student affairs. Large or small, for every program there’s likely a faculty or administrative mentor wondering:
How well is this working? That’s understandable. There are a lot of opinions about, and approaches to, leadership training, not all of them sound, and not all of them relevant to students.

If you’re looking for some real insight into what makes a student leadership program hit on all cylinders, you won’t want to miss this seminar. Quality Student Leadership Programs: Research-Based Practices covers just what the title suggests: best practices drawn from recent research on the subject of student leadership.
It’s your opportunity to:

+ Learn which parts of your current program are most beneficial to students
+ Hone your leadership training skills
+ Create a richer experience for students
+ Promote the success of student projects and organizations

Seminar leader Dr. Darin Eich, a noted authority on the subject, has interviewed scores of students, administrators and faculty advisors about what works (and what doesn’t) in leadership development. He’ll share with you valuable insights on issues including:

+ Identifying students with the potential and desire to lead
+ Developing meaningful mentoring and feedback processes
+ Strengthening team cohesiveness
+ Creating team and leadership structures that empower
+ Using outside activities to enhance leadership development
+ Accommodating different learning styles
+ Using project learning as a platform to broader leadership understanding
+ Assessing and continuously improving development programs

In the Leadership Education topic area, I focus on helping people to innovate the way they educate to enhance learning & development. It is based on my research and experience with leadership programs, and innovative education. These currently include blended programs based on Flip The Classroom style, as well as my book, Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices For Leadership Development Programs.

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