The Year of Innovation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

It is the Year of Innovation at the University of Wisconsin and I’m honored and excited to help my alma mater kick off the year at their Innovation U launch event. Hear from Chancellor David Ward first and then I’ll … Continue reading

Advice for Conference Speakers on their Presentations

This advice holds true for both the speaker and the conference organizer advising the speakers on their presentations. A killer presentation is like a killer product. It takes some time to develop and involves many prototypes and iterations. If the … Continue reading

Interactive Workshop Description: Tools & Techniques for Facilitating Groups — Activities, Discussions, & More

Tools & Techniques for Facilitating Group Discussion & Activities This session will introduce tools and techniques for facilitating group discussion and activities. Participants will engage in different types of facilitation and discussion and identify the challenges that they expect to … Continue reading

Facilitated Conference Teambuilding & Group Introduction Activity Event

Teambuilding Event Desired Outcomes: Help participants get to know as many fellow participants as deeply as possible in a condensed time frame. Move towards a more collaborative culture of teamwork for the dual purposes of greater effectiveness and satisfaction. Format: … Continue reading

Conference or Event Interactive Workshop: Communicating your Ideas Memorably & Confidently

Creating & Communicating Concepts that Stick! How do you generate a number of ideas and develop a great concept? You may have generated a great concept but then how do you communicate it so that it sticks? How do you … Continue reading

Innovation Workshop or Keynote Speech: The role of brainstorming in sustaining an organizational culture of innovation

The role of brainstorming in sustaining an organizational culture of innovation How can brainstorming in individuals and groups be catalyzed and sustained in an organization so that it contributes positively to the culture of innovation the organization is seeking? + … Continue reading

Creativity Interactive Wokshop: Facilitating brainstorming with groups

Facilitating brainstorming with groups Enable your team of brainstormers to generate hundreds of ideas per hour and zero in on the best concepts to develop further. Learn how to bring the best team of thinkers to the table. + How … Continue reading

Creativity Training Workshop: Individual techniques and tools for brainstorming

Individual techniques and tools for brainstorming Break out of ruts, generate more ideas, or think in new directions with ideation tools and techniques for individual brainstormers. + Applying individual idea generating tools & techniques + Facilitating group idea generating tools … Continue reading