Interactive Workshop Description: Tools & Techniques for Facilitating Groups — Activities, Discussions, & More

Tools & Techniques for Facilitating Group Discussion & Activities

This session will introduce tools and techniques for facilitating group discussion and activities. Participants will engage in different types of facilitation and discussion and identify the challenges that they expect to face. Participants and the facilitator will generate ideas for how to achieve the desired group outcomes and some time will be given for students to practice engaging in facilitation and discussion using some of the tools and tips.

How do you get a group to engage in activities, discuss leadership topics, and learn? As a facilitator you will be able to both participate in activities and discussion as well as facilitate. How do you get the activity started quickly and guide the flow? How do you engage all of the voices to share somewhat equally? Learn tips, tools, and techniques for facilitation and engage in different activities at this fast past experiential session.

Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will identify facilitation outcomes they seek to address.
2. Participants will identify and learn tools, tips, and techniques to address these desired outcomes
3. Participants will build and practice with a toolkit of simple and effective facilitation tools.

This program is available in both video form and as a live workshop or retreat. Contact [email protected] for more.

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