Self Talk: Out Talk the Negative Voice to “Talk yourself into it.”

How many times have you asked someone about a new idea they were motivated to do and it never happened and they said they “talked themselves out of it.” We need to talk ourselves into it. We need to launch a new big idea for our life out of nowhere and when people ask us where it came from we can just tell them…”Oh, I just talked myself into it.”

YOU NEED TO OUT-TALK!!! You have this competitor in your mind called negativity. This competitor is quite annoying and often babbling randomly about the same negative things over and over again. Rarely does this voice leave on its own. You know him and his voice, when you have to wake up in the morning he’s the guy telling you to stay in bed, call in sick, etc. Well you need to out talk that guy. Arm yourself with the positive stuff. Constantly talk yourself up and affirm positively. Beat him at his own game. Out talk him! You will be on your way.

Talk yourself into it! Tell yourself what you are, what you want to be, and what you will be! Most of us don’t talk ourselves up or even talk back to that negative voice in our head. Be aware of this voice. Stop it. and out talk it with positive affirmations. This little girl in the video knows how it is done! Why not give it a try yourself?

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