How are you, your talent, & your innovation getting discovered?

Are you hiding and hoping somebody will discover you and your great talent or innovation? Or, are you getting out into the world in a major way and making it easy for people to find you and see you doing what you do best. The world is changing by making success MORE accessible to you! This is evident with the example of musicians. People who would be relegated to karaoke and taking action on their dreams and are getting discovered through American Idol and now even through YouTube. One of the most popular singers now is Justin Bieber. This really young guy who is one of the most followed on Twitter and fills stadiums with screaming girls and their mothers put himself out there on YouTube and he was discovered from singing in his living room in front of a simple camera. Check out the story on CBS news:

As for me, Justin Bieber is not quite my style. I’m more of an R&B group kind of guy. Give me some Boyz 2 Men any day! In my search for that 90’s style R&B in 2010 I came across this group called Legaci. The videos are of four guys singing in their Bay Area living room. Amazing voices and my kind of R&B songs! Guess what, these guys were recently discovered on YouTube by Justin Bieber’s “people” and now they are touring the world and singing backup and about ready to take it to the next level themselves. Check out their harmony in this “Whatcha say” video:

So the lesson from YouTube is tremendously big things can happen. Discovery can happen. Just sharpen your skills, let your talent shine, innovate, and then broadcast it to their world by camera from your living room!

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