Online Leadership Training Workshop: Strategies & techniques for memorably communicating your ideas and concepts

Online Leadership Training Workshop:
Strategies & techniques for memorably communicating your ideas and concepts

Do you have problems of your new ideas, concepts, and innovations not taking off internally in your organization or externally to your stakeholders and clients? Could it be a problem of communication? Did people learn, understand, and get engaged with your new idea? Learn how to engage and help others learn and understand what you’ve created. We will facilitate you through our best practice system of activities to generate new ways of communicating your concept so it sticks.

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• Learn, gain tools, and get your communication work done with a facilitator during this 1-1.5 hour online workshop on how to communicate your concepts.
• Develop your communication skills, generate ideas, and develop a simple way to get your message across memorably in this interactive training experience.
• Create engaging communication concepts for your new products, services, campaigns and move into innovation action!

This webinar will be valuable for you if you’ve ever encountered these problems in your work:

* A great idea doesn’t go anywhere because people don’t understand it or are motivated to collaborate on it.
* New ideas don’t get put into action internally or externally.
* A new product or service launch requires new and more creative ideas than before.
* Change is happening faster and new communication ideas are continually needed.
* You need to more naturally present and persuade with your ideas simply and memorably so others can take a risk.

Idea and Concept Communication and Action:

Create and communicate concepts that stick! You may have generated good ideas and a great concept but then how do you communicate it so that it sticks with people? How do you show the story so people can understand your idea and will collaborate with you as you launch into the real world? We will show you some of the best practices and innovations used for communicating your new concepts. We will show you and facilitate you through starting with a number of simple and effective strategies:

* Create a concept story.
* Create a concept map.
* Communicate with visuals.
* Communicate with metaphors and analogies.
* Communicate from your feet without notes.
* Communicate your story online.
* Create a rapid concept prototype.

Bring an idea or concept with you and we will help you develop ideas to communicate it so that it sticks!

During this workshop, you will learn to become a more memorable communicator in your professional life, acquire techniques on how to develop and deliver presentations that are more effective, and build your confidence as a communicator.

This online workshop is facilitated by BrainReactions. BrainReactions has worked with the most innovative companies in the world to help them generate ideas for how to communicate their products and services. We learned from their methods, but we have also developed our own toolset that will help you continually create simple and better messages. Brainreactions is experienced, personal, and easy to train with if this is your first webinar. They have led numerous innovation and leadership webinars, most notably Innovation Training and Brainstorming programs.


Both groups and individuals from a variety of organizations can participate in this workshop. Since we all work with ideas and communicating them, this webinar is general and applicable to a diversity of individual roles and wide variety of companies and nonprofits.

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