2010 National Leadership Symposium at the University of Richmond

The National Leadership Symposium is my favorite conference or event for leadership educators. I’ve been a part of it for years and will be going again in 2010…the 20th anniversary! Great learning, great colleagues, and full days of interesting activities. Here is the information from the National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs:

20th Anniversary National Leadership Symposium
Transforming Leadership Education for Significant Learning

July 8th – 11th 2010 University of Richmond

For the 20th anniversary year of the National Leadership Symposium, the focus will be on the intersections of student learning and leadership. Transformative documents such as Powerful Partnerships and Learning Reconsidered challenge student affairs professionals to consider themselves as educators who facilitate student learning and development. Yet many practitioners continue to view themselves primarily as programmers, as providers of services and activities. This outlook can be especially detrimental to those working in the area of leadership development, which is increasingly calling for educators skilled in the creation of engaged pedagogy, integrative learning experiences, and intentional learning communities.

The Symposium puts forth the following suppositions: that leadership can and should be learned; that the learning and development leadership capacities are inextricably intertwined; and that leadership educators can purposefully foster learning environments that help students integrate knowledge, skills, and experiences in meaningful ways. The 2010 Symposium will offer an overview of some of the ways learning theories can be applied to student leadership development. It will examine socialization to the role of leadership educator and the role of authenticity in education and the development of intentional learning communities. Select learning theories and their implications for leadership learning will be presented. Strategies for constructing leadership-related learning outcomes and assessing leadership learning will also be discussed.

Participants in the 2010 National Leadership Symposium will:

·        Learn how to recognize the qualities and attributes of today’s student learners.
·        Create environments that promote meaningful and measurable learning.
·        Foster a learning environment that will promote transformative learning in the context of leadership.
·        Develop a network of practitioners, educators, and scholars that can be used to augment their current understanding of leadership.

Given the intense learning environment of the Symposium (included required reading prior to attending), it is advised that participants have significant professional experience in leadership education. Registration is limited to 50 people.Register Online: http://www.naca.org/Events/Pages/nls.aspx

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