Book Recommendations from UW-MANIAC

Here are some recommended books from UW-MANIAC members at the University of Wisconsin. UW-MANIAC (Madison Area Network for Innovation and Collaboration) hosts a variety of innovative and creative events…and attendees are always sharing books about organizations, change, design thinking, innovation, creativity and leadership with each other. Add any other recommended books that you can think of in the comments and I can add them in. Also tell us what you like about the book to personalize it. You can click through each book to view more about it on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Book Recommendations from UW-MANIAC”

  1. The ‘Jammin’ networking session was great. Meet really good people and walked away with great recommendations.

    Here is one more great book to add to the list: “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. This book covers leadership and organizational principles companies like Walgreens followed to transition from good to great.


    1. Thank you Selam. Glad you enjoyed the networking workshop! “Good to Great” is a classic book and I know you like to use the hedgehog concept in your work. Thanks for suggesting it and I’ve added it to the slideshow.

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