Top Online Innovation Training Courses and Workshops

Strategize, design, and innovate with these online workshops we’ve developed.

Innovation is the future, and we’re here to help. Innovation Learning provides online innovation training courses and programs to help you develop key fundamental innovation and leadership skills for your life and organization. Here are six workshops for you to try at every stage of the innovation process:

1. Leading and Facilitating Innovation

This program focuses on teaching you practical actions you can use to lead your organization and facilitate your team through. Through the workshop, you’ll complete 20+ activities that you can adapt and continue to use at your organization.

2. Entrepreneur Innovation

Are you an entrepreneur constantly looking for a way to grow your business and stand out from the competition? This online innovation training course will walk you step-by-step through the innovation process, with real examples used at every stage. Take these lessons and develop your own innovation project, such as designing a new product, service, or marketing strategy. Gain powerful insights into whatever problem you are working on.

3. Innovative Mindset

You’ll never move forward in your organization if you hold onto the old and never try to transform. To begin, you need to change your mindset and have the confidence to try new and different things in work and life. This online innovation course is designed to help you cultivate a mindset for innovation through awareness of your thinking as both an asset and a liability. You’ll learn techniques for changing your behavior to act quicker.

4. Systematic Innovation

This program is designed to facilitate individuals, groups, or companies through the idea development process. The workshops will teach you the innovation process, help you identify areas in your organization for innovation, and discuss how to best innovate within your company.

5. Starting Your Innovation Project

Are you looking to create or develop something meaningful this year? This program will help you discover where to start and will show you a process you can use to develop your innovative project. Through the design thinking framework, you’ll cultivate critical thinking skills necessary to create a new product, service, business, book, website, and more!

6. Learn to Innovate at Higher Levels

Our last online course will help you advance as a professional or as an entrepreneur. You’ll take your skills one step further by discovering activities designed to innovate at higher levels and gaining insights obtained from hundreds of prominent business leaders. What are you waiting for?

With these six online innovation training courses, you will be able to reflect, experiment, and adapt your processes in order to revolutionize your company’s products and services. You’ll develop skills that can be used in any industry at any time, and you’ll even be prepared to teach others how they can develop an innovative mindset as well!

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