Small is the new big

I saw the most inspiring segment on ABC News about someone who is innovating in a very creative and inspirational way. ABC profiled an artist in England named Willard Wigan who creates microart. This artist creates amazing painted sculptures that are smaller than the eye of a needle. He couldn’t read or write and said that the teachers at school made him feel small and made him feel like nothing. He said that he is “trying to prove to the world that nothing doesn’t exist.” Wow….proving that nothing doesn’t exist through art…what a metaphor to explain this. I also was ignited when I heard him say that “people haven’t seen the best of me yet. I’m going to take it smaller.” This has stayed with me. In our society we are always focused on going bigger. Bigger is better. This may not be so anymore with nanotechnology and other innovations that enable us to do more with less. Small is the new big. Maybe it isn’t small or big but innovation and excellence. You can view this story for yourself at ABC News.

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