Short & Quick Personal Brainstorm Example

I have been getting requests to show what a quick brainstorm could be like that an individual could do as a part of their normal work. If you have a short amount of time and just one question…what could you do? Opportunities for more ideas and personal brainstorming pop up all the time. We have scenarios that happen almost daily that could use more thinking through at the front end…meaning producing a larger number of ideas to quickly evaluate so we can have more success with the action we choose. Many times we just generate one or two ideas. The opportunity is for more ideas! In this video that I created to share more information about the Brainstorming Techniques webinar program I do a personal brainstorm in a few minutes that yields more than 20 ideas. Take a look and why not try integrating more fast and larger idea quantity brainstorming into the way you work?

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