Salsa, Soul, and Spirit from Juana Bordas: Excellent new multicultural leadership book

Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age

I would like to highlight this book from Juana Bordas as being a refreshing contribution to the world of leadership books. I read it for the National Leadership Symposium and was very engaged with turning the pages. It was filled with excellent stories and metaphors and Juana herself is quite a passionate leader and teacher. In addition to leadership, I learned a lot about other cultures and how they have approached leadership both historically and today. This book would be a great addition to any leadership class or class on diversity. It would be a perfect fit for a multicultural leadership program or course but could be valuable in any setting. Plus, it is an inexpensive book which would make most students happy who have a large burden of buying expensive books for courses.

Stated Description: As the world becomes flatter and globalization creates a world village, it is imperative that leaders have the cultural flexibility and adaptability to inspire and guide people from very distinct backgrounds that represents the whole rainbow of humanity. Salsa, Soul and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Nation puts forth a multicultural leadership model that integrates eight practices from African American, Indian and Latino communities. Using principles such as “Sankofa,” the ability to learn from the past; “I to We,” From Individualism to collective identity; and “Mi casa es su casa,” Developing a generosity of spirit, this model offers leaders new approaches that will increase their interpersonal effectiveness with diverse populations by incorporating the influences, practices and values of a variety of cultures in a respectful and productive manner.

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