National Leadership Symposium

The National Leadership Symposium is probably my favorite conference for leadership educators.  It is a small and intensive experience that happens each July.  I had a great time serving as an associate at the Symposium each year from 2002 to 2005.  I’d like to be back in 2007 because it is not only a really fun time but you also learn so much and get to meet some like minded leadership educators.  The location at the University of Richmond is also very special.  The Jepson School is one of the major leadership centers at Universities in the U.S., so there is much to be experienced at the Symposium.  I just saw that the theme for the 2007 Symposium will be “Celebrating the Social Change Model of Leadership: Insights and Applications for the Future.”  Scholars-in-Residence include Alexander and Helen Astin as well as Susan Komives. 

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