Internet of Things Trend for New Ideas & Innovation

Internet of Things Workshop Toolkit

What is the “internet of things?” What does it mean? You probably have a smartphone, tablet, or perhaps a TV (or at least a device that connects to your TV) that allows information to flow online. Maybe you have a fitness tracker or fancy scale that collects data and shares it with you to assess yourself, get motivated, and make better health decisions. Perhaps your car gathers and shares information thanks to sensors — or you can track the location of the bus you want thanks to GPS and an app on your phone.

You and your devices are already a part of the internet of things. Get ready for that smart fridge next. Understanding, creating new ideas, and innovating with this “internet of things” trend could help you and your things be more effective, save money and energy, and benefit your work and life.

This IoT article and these videos and slides are helpful, visual explanations full of practical examples to help you understand the internet of things…and the potential future of it.

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