Innovate how you communicate text: Design a visual collection of words

How we communicate our ideas and concepts is an important opportunity for us to innovate. We want people to be engaged with and remember what we are communicating to them. We want to engage their mind. Typically we all have a series of words or text that describes our idea or concept that we want to get across. Usually it is presented in sentence form, sometimes bullet form, to make it easier on the eyes. Why not use some design in how you communicate these text words to make it more engaging and memorable for the mind and how people learn? Many times we are communicating the same thing over and over again…so something like this could be worthy of a little bit of our time to design how this text could LOOK.

For instance, I could do it the traditional way and write:
“This blog is about innovation, learning, teaching, education, ideas, creativity, brainstorming, ideation, training, programs, activities, curriculum, thinking, knowledge, etc.”
Or I could show you in a visual design the words that describe what this innovation learning blog is about. Take a look at a few different designs I made free with Just another idea on how to innovate…which is more engaging for your mind? The text I just wrote or these?

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