ILA Conference

The ILA conference brings together leadership scholars, practitioners, and educators each year. Every other year the conference is held in the United States.  It is a large conference and offers a wide variety of sessions to attend.  At the ILA conference in Washington DC a couple years ago, myself, Denny Murray, and Craig Slack enjoyed presenting a session entitled “Constructing a Quality Leadership Education Experience for College Students.”  The purpose of the workshop was to share ideas, tools, resources, and practices for developing a quality leadership education experience that enhances student leadership development and learning. We discussed lessons learned from visits to ten U.S. and Canadian universities and one U.S. university’s efforts to design a leadership program that impacts an entire campus culture.  I also shared my framework at the time for creating a high quality leadership education experience.  This conference was a good one to kick off my dissertation at and I’ll look to present my findings at the next ILA conference in the United States.  The 2007 conference will be held in Vancouver in November and it looks like proposal submissions are due February 28th, 2007.  Visit for more info.

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