Identifying Key Tools and Resources for Personal and Professional Development

It is really difficult to do things on our own. It is even more difficult to do things on our own without any tools or resources. If you’ve ever tried to build or repair something, you know that tools can make all the difference. The same goes for our life. Tools and resources help us to understand ourselves and to create our own unique path. Sometimes, it may feel like you could accomplish your goals if only the right resources were there for you. The good news is path creating tools and resources are widely available. You’ve already used some to great effect, and so have your friends. You just need to look back and see what the tools and resources were that have already helped, and gain more! We hope that our articles and Create Your Path video workshops can be one of the many tools and resources that will help you to take your life to the next level.

My Key Tools and Resources

I like to look at activities as tools or resources. The right activity can help get us into action and set a positive direction. This activity is geared toward identifying the key resources and tools that have already helped you on your journey to create your path. There are more people and institutions available to help you reach your goals than you may realize, so it is important to step back and build an inventory.

How have you gone about finding your path in college, professionally, personally? How have you figured that out? What resources have helped you determine the experiences you have already gone after? Maybe it was a mentor, an advisor, a book, a website, a workshop, a program, an assessment, etc. What are the key resources or tools that you have used?

What has already helped you to create the path that you have journeyed so far? Take a moment to think about and list ten to twelve resources that you already have available to you. Think about your possible resources as broadly as possible. This will help you find how to best utilize those resources, as well as identify other potential resources. If you think of more than ten, list them all! Save this list in your journal to use as you create your path.

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