Ideas, Insights, Decisions, & Direction. Learn about yourself. Take a road trip.

Put the rubber to the road and experience life and this amazing land for yourself. In a plane you don’t get to stop along the way. We need more “drive” in our lives. Driving allows you more control than flying. It is not faster. It is slower. Slower is better sometimes. Plus, when you drive you can stop along the way at any little thing that interests you. Stopping along the way is more serendipitous than reaching your destination which was always apart of your plan. Maybe you need less plan and more serendipity? The journey is the best part.

What are some of the greatest road trips you’ve ever done? They are lifelong memories. I’ve done at least 8 long road trips. Most I’ve driven between Wisconsin and Virginia and Wisconsin and California. Each one is a source of pride and smile inducing memory. The meaning is in not just reaching the destination but the great ideas you get along the way, the people you meet, and the places you stop. A road trip is a great prescription for making a big decision, thinking something through, or opening yourself up to get a new insight on your life. Open it and drive it.

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