How to Flip the Classroom: Program for Higher Education

How to Flip the Classroom: Experiential Group Activities in the Classroom and Video-guided Reflection Outside of the Classroom

Have you heard of the “Flipping the Classroom” trend, made popular in education by Khan Academy? Are you interested in learning more about the implications of this innovative program development and teaching model, and how it might apply to your college or university? This workshop is debuting at Dartmouth and Darin can bring it to your campus or organization.

In this workshop program, participants will investigate tools and interactive techniques to foster experiential group activities during meeting times and utilize digital media (video, examples and demonstrations) to deliver content as a part of learning focused programs. Participants will additionally learn about this model in action in higher education for students at Dartmouth’s Rockefeller Center. The “Create your Path” personal leadership & innovation program integrates engaging digital content to guide reflection exercises, while utilizing the precious classroom time for students to interactively learn from each other. You will also learn about this approach for faculty and staff at a University of Wisconsin Innovation Initiative.

In the Leadership Education topic area, I focus on helping people to innovate the way they educate to enhance learning & development. It is based on my research and experience with leadership programs, and innovative education. These currently include blended programs based on Flip The Classroom style, as well as my book, Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices For Leadership Development Programs.

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