Handbook for Student Leadership Programs

I’m trying to identify some publications that would be key resources for those leadership program practitioners in colleges and universities.  I was anticipating this book and read it during my day of traveling yesterday.  I found it to be an excellent resource and it would benefit many leadership educators and program coordinators.  There was a chapter on funding leadership programs which I found particularly timely and useful.  I learned something new about particular foundations and grants they award. The handbook was full of great examples and resources.  The “Handbook for Student Leadership Programs” is edited by Susan Komives, John Dugan, Julie Owen, Craig Slack and Wendy Wagner.  The stated description of this handbook is: “An excellent guide for establishing or enhancing campus leadership programs, the Handbook includes timely information, resources, and practical advice. Topics included: leadership models, leadership learning outcomes, structure and design of leadership programs (curricular, co-curricular and comprehensive), working with diverse populations, funding leadership programs, assessment and others.” This 222 page publication published in 2006 is available at http://www.nclp.umd.edu/

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