Go to the people with the tools you have! Innovation lessons learned from NYC subway musicians.

This video really struck a chord with me! New York City band Atomic Tom is trying to make it big. They are trying to get their music out to the people. Problem is…their instruments were stolen! Did that stop them? No. Great stories have great responses to adversity and challenge embedded in them. They decided to ideate, improvise, and innovate! Did they wait for people to come to them to help them and give them instruments? No. They brought their music to the people where the people were at using the tools they had…their IPhones! Check them out performing this catchy song “Take Me Out” on the subway with piano, drums, guitar, and mic powered by their smart phones! A lot of lessons on innovating yourself to be learned from this! Plus they did a great job of increasing their exposure and using social media and mobile apps to innovate what they do best and advance themselves in the direction of their dreams!

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