Demonstration Video on Design Thinking Ideation (How to Ideate to Innovate with AI and ChatGPT)

I’ve been learning about and exploring the powerful artificial intelligence tools lately and getting a sense for their impact on how we innovate and create. The three AI tools I use most often are from OpenAI but I also like MidJourney for generating images. I’ve recorded a demo video that shows how to get started with the text AI tools.

This “how to video” demonstrates how to get quickly and simply started with AI tools like ChatGPT to ideate and innovate. Get help starting from the “blank page” with many ideas. Creatively diverge and converge using popular ideation tools like SCAMPER, combination mashups, famous person catalysts, or new technology applications. Pose questions to get numerous ideas from the AI tool. Select and conceptualize the best ideas. Use these tools and techniques at the ideation stage of any design thinking framework. Let the AI help you to get many ideas or concepts you can start to develop, describe, and prototype. In this video we demonstrate using a number of example challenges, problems, or opportunities you might be able to relate to. Follow along and try the same activities or similar questions with your own challenge on the AI tools of your choice like ChatGPT or OpenAI Playground.

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