Dan Pink Speaking about DRIVE: The surprising truth about what motivates us

This is a video of Dan Pink’s speech to RSA about his book called “Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us.” Self innovation begins with the motivation to innovate yourself…and then taking action on that. Motivation is continually needed. Dan shares interesting insights for us to stay motivated and motivate others.

We innovate ourselves through learning more effectively…and learning in ways that work with how our mind works. Many of us our visual learners…check out the below video from RSA that illustrates the Dan Pink Drive speech! Which works better for your learning…reading, listening, or seeing?

You can also see a shortened version of Dan Pink’s presentation on DRIVE at TED Talks as well. Try this video for a shorter series of insights. TED videos are all around 20 minutes long which is very similar to our attention span. This is a good lesson…do things in 20 minute chunks to stay engaged with your learning!

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