Article in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies

My article entitled “A Grounded Theory of High-Quality Leadership Programs” was just published in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies. You can access the article from the hard copy of the Journal or from the website. Aside from the actual dissertation, this will be the most thorough presentation of the theory and methodology. There are other articles forthcoming that will focus on the theory in practice and actions individuals can take to enact the attributes of high quality leadership programs. The abstract of the article is as follows:

Drawing on the experiences and perspectives of multiple stakeholders closely associated with diverse types of successful student leadership programs, the purpose of this study was to identify the attributes of leadership programs—including the specific actions associated with these attributes—that contribute significantly to undergraduate student leadership development. A total of 62 interviews was conducted with individuals across the four programs in the sample. The researcher employed the constant comparative method to construct a grounded theory model. The theory of high-quality leadership programs developed in this study is grounded in those programmatic attributes that, when enacted, contribute significantly to enhancing student learning and leadership development. The data analysis revealed 16 attributes of high-quality leadership programs organized into three clusters: (a) participants engaged in building and sustaining a learning community; (b) student-centered experiential learning experiences; and (c) research-grounded continuous program development.

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