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Meet Dr. Darin Eich, founder of InnovationTraining.org, committed to driving a culture of innovation and learning. Darin has helped over 100 organizations across the globe, from Silicon Valley to London, develop a mindset for innovation through design thinking workshops. Darin specializes in designing personalized programs customized to you or your organizations’ unique requirements.  His program clients have included organizations like Oxford, Dartmouth, NASA, Pfizer, Adobe & USA TODAY. Darin began in a research setting, especially interested in leadership programs and putting what he found into action. The leadership programs he designed have reached over 2 million people.  He has also built a network of innovation and design thinking facilitators and trainers who have delivered programs in all continents except for Antarctica!

Darin’s enthusiasm about helping organizations navigate the changing landscape led him to be an advocate for human-centered approaches to innovation and creative problem solving, storytelling and the application of new technologies (such use of virtual meeting tools, realtime collaborative whiteboards and AI) to further develop programs to meet the needs of organizations around the world.  Darin holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and has studied at the University of Maryland and William and Mary. His books, Innovation Step-by-Step and Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs, are a testament to his expertise in the field.

For more than a decade, Darin demonstrated his passion about leadership, innovation, design thinking, collaboration, and storytelling, making him a sought-after expert in the field for organizations with a collaborative culture of innovation and individuals with a growth mindset.

Darin gives keynote speeches, designs and leads innovation courses, innovative training workshops and online innovation programs. He can help your institution facilitate, create, and develop innovation & leadership development experiences. Email [email protected] to get in touch.

Do you need an interactive, engaging, and energetic innovation keynote speaker, facilitator, and program developer? Do you want an experienced and accomplished creative innovator who can relate to your group and teach through stories, metaphors, and activities that motivate people to take action? Be sure to view the workshops, keynote speeches, webinar, & conference session topics Darin can do for your event or group!

Dr. Darin Eich earned his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin. He has been a graduate student and developer of programs at the University of Maryland & William and Mary. Darin’s passion involves helping people to become themselves, find and live their strengths, and become more creative, innovative & successful leaders. Professionally, Darin does projects ranging from hundreds of college speeches to helping institutions develop leadership programs & retreats to facilitating professional brainstorm innovation sessions for the most innovative Fortune 500 companies.

He began his career as a speaker and program developer for universities. Here are some of the colleges that have brought in Darin’s programs and speeches as well as the numerous company partners and clients we’ve worked with.

Innovation Training

Darin has developed Innovate Yourself & Program Innovation as well as Innovation, Brainstorming, and Idea Communication training online workshop programs. Darin provides speaking, consulting, strategic planning, program development, creative facilitation, and seminars on topics including personal & group development, motivation, idea generating, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. To start the conversation email darin (at) darineich.com. You can also tell Darin about your event and he can email you what you need to plan your event ranging from clips to info sheets to articles to client testimonials!

View Darin’s recent posts about inspirational innovation quotes, top innovation books, and organizational innovation. See our innovation workshopsinnovation initiatives, and innovation keynote speakers. Darin can help you with innovation certification or innovation facilitator training too.

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